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Tropical Blue Shrimp


Wild Blue Shrimp

Quick Information

  • Wild Blue Shrimp 1 lb (approx 21-25 pcs)/pk - Fair Trade Certified
  • Price per 1 lb. bag.
  • Head off, shell on, ez peel, raw tails.
  • Wild product from Mexico.
  • Chemical free. 
  • Deveined.
  • Mix and Match with other seafood items to create your own customized pack.
  • Your online purchase of Blue Shrimp makes it possible for us to donate food for two nutritious meals to people in your community who need help right now.

What is Wild Blue Shrimp?

Our wild blue shrimp are the only Fair Trade certified shrimp in the world. The fishery occurs in the coastal lagoons and lower reaches of estuaries in central Sinaloa State in Mexico. Caught using day-boats called pangas - small vessels using an artisanal technique that uses the wind and tide to drift a highly selective net called suripera. This technique has the lowest bycatch and fuel consumption per pound in the world. They are all natural and chemical free. Our wild blue shrimp are headless raw tails that have been deveined by hand and the back of the shell has been cut down it’s length to make them easy to peel. They are packed 21 to 25 shrimp per bag.

How to cook blue shrimp

Wild blue shrimp when cooked will have a firm texture and succulent flavour. Take out the required amount of shrimp you need for your recipe and place in a bowl, then thaw in the refrigerator overnight for best results. Highly versatile, these blue shrimp can be pan fried, stir fried, boiled, grilled, baked, sauteed, poached or battered and fried - but don’t walk away from the stove. It only takes a few minutes for the shrimp to start turning pinkish and curling up into a C shape. And when that happens, they're just about done. For a kid friendly meal option check out our Awesome Shrimp Burgers

Traceability Information

Current traceability data for Tropical Blue Shrimp is listed in the table below. The full traceability listing of all our products is also available for reference.

Common Name Latin Name Production Method Harvest Method Country of Origin FAO Region Processing Country Sustainability Ratings
Blue Shrimp Litopenaeus stylirostris Wild Suripera Mexico FAO 77 Mexico FTC, FIP, SWGA